Michael van Gerwen: The Dutch Darts Champion

Michael van Gerwen is a Dutch professional darts player who has been dominating the sport for several years. He was born on April 25, 1989, in Boxtel, Netherlands. Van Gerwen started playing darts at the age of 13 and quickly showed his natural talent for the game.

Michael van Gerwen
Michael van Gerwen

Van Gerwen’s rise to the top of the sport has been nothing short of remarkable. He turned professional in 2007 and quickly made a name for himself on the international circuit. He won his first major title in 2012 when he claimed the World Grand Prix, and he has since gone on to win numerous other titles, including three World Championships.

Van Gerwen is known for his incredible scoring ability and his ability to hit high-pressure shots when it matters most. He is widely regarded as one of the greatest darts players of all time and has a legion of fans around the world.

Early Life and Career

Beginnings in Darts

Michael van Gerwen, born on April 25, 1989, in Boxtel, Netherlands, showed an early interest in darts. His father introduced him to the game at the age of four, and Michael began playing competitively at the age of eight. He quickly showed a talent for the game, and by the age of 13, he was already playing in adult leagues.

Rise to Prominence

Van Gerwen’s rise to prominence began in 2006 when he won the World Masters Youth title. He followed this up in 2007 by winning the International Darts League Youth Championship. In 2008, he won his first senior title, the Vlijmen Open, and he followed this up with a win at the Open Holland in 2009.

Van Gerwen’s breakthrough year came in 2012 when he won the World Grand Prix, the World Matchplay, and the Premier League. He also reached the final of the World Championship, where he lost to Phil Taylor. In 2013, he won his first World Championship, beating Peter Wright in the final.

Since then, van Gerwen has established himself as one of the best players in the world. He has won multiple major titles, including the World Championship, the World Matchplay, and the Premier League. He has also set numerous records, including the highest average ever recorded in a televised match, and the most 180s in a single tournament.

Van Gerwen’s success has made him a household name in the world of darts. He is known for his aggressive style of play, his incredible scoring ability, and his ability to perform under pressure. He is widely regarded as one of the greatest players of all time, and he shows no signs of slowing down.

PDC Career

Michael van Gerwen’s PDC career began in 2007, and he quickly established himself as one of the top players in the world of darts. In this section, we will take a closer look at his major tournament wins, world championships, rankings, and records.

Major Tournament Wins

Van Gerwen has won numerous major tournaments throughout his career, including the World Grand Prix, the UK Open, and the World Matchplay. He has also won the Players Championship Finals and the European Championship multiple times.

World Championships

Van Gerwen has won the PDC World Championship three times, in 2014, 2017, and 2019. In each of these years, he dominated the tournament, winning all of his matches en route to the title. He has also reached the final of the tournament on two other occasions, in 2013 and 2016.

Rankings and Records

Van Gerwen has been ranked as the world’s number one player for a record-breaking seven consecutive years, from 2014 to 2020. During this time, he has also broken numerous records, including the highest ever televised three-dart average, at 123.40, which he achieved in the 2016 Premier League.

In addition, van Gerwen has also won more than 100 PDC titles throughout his career, making him one of the most successful players in the history of the sport.

Overall, van Gerwen’s PDC career has been nothing short of impressive, and he continues to dominate the world of darts with his skill and determination.

Playing Style and Technique

Michael van Gerwen is widely regarded as one of the best darts players in the world, known for his aggressive and fast-paced playing style. He is a right-handed player and throws with a smooth and consistent motion, with a high release point and a quick follow-through.

Van Gerwen’s technique is characterized by his exceptional accuracy, particularly in hitting the treble 20, which is the most important scoring area in darts. He also has a strong ability to finish games quickly, often hitting the winning double with just a few darts.

One of van Gerwen’s key strengths is his mental toughness. He is known for his ability to stay focused and composed under pressure, even in high-stakes matches. This allows him to maintain his high level of play even when his opponents are struggling.

Van Gerwen’s playing style is also characterized by his aggressive approach. He is not afraid to take risks and go for big scores, which can sometimes lead to mistakes but also allows him to dominate his opponents. He is also a skilled tactician, able to adjust his game plan to exploit his opponent’s weaknesses.

Overall, van Gerwen’s playing style and technique make him a formidable opponent on the darts circuit, and a fan favorite for his exciting and dynamic approach to the game.

Rivalries and Competitions

Notable Rivals

Michael van Gerwen has faced many talented players throughout his career, but there are a few notable rivalries that stand out. One of his biggest rivals is Phil Taylor, who is widely considered to be one of the greatest darts players of all time. The two have faced each other numerous times in high-stakes matches, including the World Championship final in 2013, which van Gerwen won 7-4.

Another notable rival of van Gerwen is Gary Anderson. The two have had some intense battles over the years, including the 2015 Premier League final, which van Gerwen won 11-10 in a thrilling match. Other notable rivals of van Gerwen include Peter Wright, Rob Cross, and Raymond van Barneveld.

Memorable Matches

Van Gerwen has been involved in many memorable matches throughout his career. One of his most impressive performances came in the 2016 Premier League final, where he averaged an incredible 123.40 in an 11-3 victory over Phil Taylor. He also produced a stunning display in the 2017 World Championship final, where he defeated Gary Anderson 7-3 with a 107.79 average.

Another memorable match involving van Gerwen was the 2019 UK Open final, where he defeated Rob Cross 11-5 to claim his third UK Open title. He produced some incredible darts in that match, including a 170 checkout and a 121 finish on the bullseye.

Overall, van Gerwen has established himself as one of the greatest darts players of all time, and his rivalries and memorable matches have only added to his legend.

Personal Life


Michael van Gerwen was born on April 25, 1989, in Boxtel, Netherlands. He is the son of a truck driver and a hairdresser. He has two younger brothers. Michael is married to Daphne Govers, whom he met when they were both teenagers. They got married in 2014 and have two children together, a daughter named Zoe and a son named Mike.

Off the Oche Interests

When he is not playing darts, Michael enjoys spending time with his family. He is also a big fan of football and supports the Dutch team PSV Eindhoven. He has been known to attend their matches when his schedule allows. Additionally, he enjoys playing golf and has been seen on the golf course with other professional darts players.

Michael is also a fan of music and has been known to attend concerts. He has even performed on stage with Dutch singer Guus Meeuwis. In his spare time, he likes to watch movies and TV shows, and he is a fan of the popular series Game of Thrones.

Overall, Michael van Gerwen leads a balanced personal life, with a focus on family and a variety of interests outside of darts.

Sponsorships and Endorsements

Michael van Gerwen is one of the most marketable players in darts, and as such, he has attracted some high-profile sponsorships and endorsements throughout his career.

One of van Gerwen’s most notable partnerships is with darts manufacturer, XQ Max Darts. The Dutch company has been producing van Gerwen’s signature darts for several years, and the two have developed a close working relationship. In addition to providing him with equipment, XQ Max Darts has also sponsored van Gerwen’s clothing, and their logo can be seen prominently displayed on his tournament shirts.

Van Gerwen has also secured several other lucrative sponsorships, including deals with Red Bull and Volkswagen. The Red Bull logo is often seen on van Gerwen’s clothing, and the energy drink giant has also produced many promotional videos featuring the Dutchman. Volkswagen, meanwhile, has provided van Gerwen with a car as part of their sponsorship deal.

In addition to his sponsorships, van Gerwen has also endorsed a number of products throughout his career. He has appeared in commercials for companies such as McDonald’s and Sunweb Holidays and has also lent his name to a range of products, including a line of darts accessories.

Overall, van Gerwen’s sponsorships and endorsements have helped to establish him as one of the most recognizable and marketable players in darts. With his continued success on the oche, it seems likely that he will continue to attract high-profile partnerships in the years to come.

Media Appearances and Public Perception

In the Media

Michael van Gerwen has been a regular presence in the media due to his success on the darts circuit. He has been featured in various sports magazines, newspapers, and TV shows. He has also appeared on talk shows and game shows, which has helped to increase his popularity and fan base.

Van Gerwen’s success in the Premier League and the World Championship has earned him a reputation as one of the best darts players in the world. He has been praised for his accuracy, consistency, and mental toughness. However, his occasional outbursts of anger on the stage have also attracted criticism from some quarters.

Fan Base

Van Gerwen has a large and passionate fan base, particularly in his native Netherlands. He is known for his charismatic personality and his willingness to interact with fans on social media. He has also been involved in various charity events, which has helped to enhance his public image.

Van Gerwen’s popularity has also led to a rise in the popularity of darts in general. The sport has become more mainstream in recent years, and van Gerwen’s success has played a significant role in this. He has helped to bring new fans to the sport, particularly among younger audiences.

Overall, Michael van Gerwen’s media appearances and public perception have been largely positive. While he has attracted some criticism for his on-stage behavior, his success, and charisma have helped to make him one of the most popular and recognizable figures in the world of darts.

Training and Preparation

Michael van Gerwen is known for his rigorous training and preparation routine, which has undoubtedly contributed to his success in the world of darts.

Van Gerwen spends several hours each day practicing his throwing technique and working on his accuracy. He also engages in physical training to maintain his stamina and improve his overall fitness.

To keep himself mentally sharp, van Gerwen engages in visualization exercises and studies his opponents’ playing styles. He also works closely with his coach to analyze his performance and identify areas for improvement.

In addition to his training, van Gerwen also competes in various tournaments and matches throughout the year to hone his skills and gain experience. He often travels internationally to participate in these events, which exposes him to different playing styles and strategies.

Overall, van Gerwen’s dedication to training and preparation is a testament to his commitment to excellence in the sport of darts.

Achievements and Awards

Michael van Gerwen is widely regarded as one of the greatest darts players of all time, and his impressive list of achievements and awards certainly supports this claim.

Van Gerwen has won numerous titles throughout his career, including three PDC World Championships (2014, 2017, and 2019), two UK Open titles (2015 and 2016), and five World Grand Prix titles (2012, 2014, 2016, 2018, and 2019). He has also won multiple other major tournaments, including the Premier League, the Masters, and the World Series of Darts Finals.

In addition to his tournament victories, van Gerwen has also set numerous records in the sport of darts. He holds the record for the highest three-dart average in a televised match (123.40), as well as the record for the most 180s in a single tournament (60). He has also hit nine-dart finishes on multiple occasions, including in the final of the 2016 Premier League.

Van Gerwen’s success has earned him several prestigious awards and honors. He has been named PDC Player of the Year six times (2014-2019) and has also been named PDC Fans’ Player of the Year five times (2014-2018). In 2017, he was awarded the prestigious PDC Order of Merit, which recognizes the top players in the organization based on their tournament performances over a year.

Overall, Michael van Gerwen’s achievements and awards speak for themselves and cement his status as one of the greatest darts players of all time.

Impact on the Sport of Darts

Michael van Gerwen has undoubtedly left a significant impact on the sport of darts. Since his debut in 2006, he has consistently been one of the top players in the world, and his accomplishments have helped elevate the sport to new heights.

One of van Gerwen’s most significant contributions to darts has been his dominance in major tournaments. He has won three PDC World Championships, two World Matchplay titles, and five Premier League titles, among many other accolades. His success has helped increase the popularity of darts worldwide, as fans tune in to watch him compete on the biggest stages.

Van Gerwen’s style of play has also had an impact on the sport. He is known for his aggressive and high-scoring approach, which has influenced other players to adopt similar strategies. His ability to hit big scores consistently has raised the bar for what is considered a good performance in darts.

Off the oche, van Gerwen has been an ambassador for the sport. He has helped promote darts through his social media presence and has been involved in various charitable initiatives. His success and popularity have also helped attract new fans to the sport, particularly in his native Netherlands.

Overall, Michael van Gerwen’s impact on the sport of darts cannot be overstated. His dominance on the oche, combined with his off-the-field contributions, have helped elevate darts to new heights and ensure its continued growth and success.

Future Prospects and Career Outlook

Michael van Gerwen’s prospects and career outlook are promising, considering his impressive PDC career so far. He has won numerous major titles, including the World Championship, Premier League, and World Grand Prix.

Van Gerwen’s dominance in the sport has been evident over the years, and he has consistently been ranked as the world’s number one player. He has shown remarkable consistency in his performances, and his ability to maintain his form over a prolonged period is a testament to his talent and dedication.

Looking ahead, van Gerwen’s focus will be on continuing his success and adding more major titles to his name. He has proven himself to be a formidable opponent, and his rivals will have to be at their best to beat him.

Van Gerwen’s PDC career has been nothing short of exceptional, and he has established himself as one of the greatest players of all time. He has a bright future ahead of him, and his fans can expect to see many more memorable performances from him in the years to come.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the net worth of Michael van Gerwen?

As of 2024, Michael van Gerwen’s net worth is estimated to be around $10 million. This is largely attributed to his successful career in darts, which has seen him win numerous championships and tournaments.

Who is Michael van Gerwen married to?

Michael van Gerwen is married to his longtime girlfriend, Daphne Govers. The couple got married in 2014 and have two children together.

What is known about Michael van Gerwen’s dental transformation?

Michael van Gerwen underwent a dental transformation in 2019, which involved the placement of dental implants and veneers. This was done to improve his appearance and boost his confidence on and off the darting stage.

Where is Michael van Gerwen’s residence located?

Michael van Gerwen’s primary residence is located in Vlijmen, Netherlands. He also has a second home in St. Helens, England, where he spends a significant amount of time during the darting season.

How tall is Michael van Gerwen?

Michael van Gerwen is 5 feet 8 inches (173 cm) tall.

What are the achievements and earnings of Michael van Gerwen in his darting career?

Michael van Gerwen has achieved numerous milestones in his darting career, including winning three PDC World Darts Championships, two UK Open titles, and four Premier League titles. He has also earned over $10 million in prize money throughout his career.

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