Dave Chisnall Clinches European Darts Open 2024 Title in Thrilling Final Against Ross Smith

In a spectacular conclusion to the European Darts Open 2024, Dave Chisnall emerged victorious, defeating Ross Smith 8-6 in an intense final. The match, held on Sunday, 23 June at 21:25 GMT+0100, showcased top-tier darts, with both players delivering exceptional performances.

Match Overview: Chisnall vs. Smith

Final Score:

  • Dave Chisnall: 8
  • Ross Smith: 6

Key Statistics:

  • Averages (3 darts): Chisnall – 89.09, Smith – 93.82
  • 100+ scores: Chisnall – 15, Smith – 9
  • 140+ scores: Chisnall – 8, Smith – 9
  • 180s: Chisnall – 2, Smith – 6

Match Highlights

Dave Chisnall started the match with a strong lead, showcasing his high-scoring ability and strategic play. Despite having a lower average compared to Smith, Chisnall’s crucial checkouts and steady performance in key moments gave him the edge. Ross Smith, on the other hand, demonstrated remarkable precision, especially with his 180s, and maintained a higher average throughout the match.

As the final progressed, both players exhibited exceptional skill and resilience. Smith’s relentless pressure and scoring consistency kept the match competitive, but Chisnall’s experience and tactical prowess ultimately secured his victory. The final leg was a testament to Chisnall’s ability to perform under pressure, as he clinched the title with a composed finish.

Player Reactions

Dave Chisnall expressed his joy and relief after the hard-fought victory. “It was a tough match, and Ross played brilliantly. I’m thrilled to have won this title and thank everyone for their support,” Chisnall said, acknowledging the high level of competition and his opponent’s formidable challenge.

Ross Smith, despite the defeat, remained positive and proud of his performance throughout the tournament. “Congratulations to Dave. It was a fantastic match, and I gave it my all. I’ll come back stronger,” Smith commented, highlighting his determination to improve and compete at the highest level.

Significance of the Victory

Dave Chisnall’s win at the European Darts Open 2024 adds another prestigious title to his illustrious career. This victory not only cements his status as one of the top players in the sport but also demonstrates his ability to excel under pressure and perform consistently against tough opponents.


The European Darts Open 2024 final was a thrilling spectacle of skill, strategy, and resilience. Dave Chisnall’s victory over Ross Smith will be remembered as one of the highlights of the tournament, showcasing the best of professional darts. Fans can look forward to more exciting matches as these top players continue to compete at the highest levels.

Stay tuned for more updates and coverage of the world of darts, as the excitement and competition continue to thrill fans globally.

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